Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dolphins in the Derwent

Settlement Secrets over for the day I decided to travel around a few accommodation places in Hobart to leave some brochures.  Everybody is so supportive and genuinely interested in the tour and so with uplifted spirits I ended my morning with a sandwich by the bay.  Now this never fails to please as there is always a boat going past or someone walking a dog who is up for a chat but today excelled in its offering of natural wonders.  I parked near the boatsheds beside the Royal Hobart Yacht Club, thinking to myself how clear the water looked and wondered if the fish life was still the same as when I snorkled around here as a 13 year old.    Suddenly, about five feet in front of me, a dolphin surfaced.  Then another.  Then another.   A pod of about twelve dolphins cruised past within reach almost and then headed out into the river.

It's the simple things really.  I think about a lot of things these days.  How do I promote this, when do I rehearse that, what will the future bring......and then a pod of dolphins goes by and I world is such a small and insignificant part of the whole picture....why worry about anything just do it and enjoy.

I read a saying a few weeks ago that I have read many times before and had forgotten.  Your lot in life depends a lot on luck.....and the harder you work towards your goals....the luckier you get.

So I guess what I am saying is....if you ever feel you're not getting anywhere....just keep sight of your goals, keep working towards them and you will be rewarded.   There will be times when you feel like the universe will collapse if you don't do a particular thing and when you feel this way.....remember there is a pod of dolphins swimming somewhere who couldn't give a rats if you even why worry !

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