Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just another day ....

Just finished "Louisa's Walk" and chatting with the punters when an echidna wanders across the lawn behind me.  Not worrying about anything just strolling across the lawn. Never try to compete with nature's creations.  

Then about an hour later I'm dressed as Santa, singing with a rock band to a room full of sweaty people working out at Genesis.

Another hour later, having locked my car in the public carpark overnight, I'm at home putting up the christmas tree with my grandkids.   Great day.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Today was a fantastic day to be working on Louisa's Walk.  Ellen and I were challenged with an audience of 60 teenage students from Mildura, all of whom by the way were into our story and a fantastic audience....but there was 60 of them.  But then....on the way back to our cars Ellen exclaims "there he is!"

At last I have seen Monty!  An elusive platypus that lives in the Hobart rivulet.   The afternoon show audience  were so jealous but no end of searching and encouragement would bring Monty back.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Leaving Strahan?

Yesterday on the Island I met a direct ancestor to one of the convicts that survived the brutality of the place.  This is part of why I do this work in Strahan.  You are telling real stories about real people and occasionally get to meet their descendants.   I will never forget the day I met Billy Nichols' great great great grandson.   If you've seen the play " The ship that never was", you'll know who I am talking about.
Just had an amazing Strahan big breakfast and am now about to head down the track to Hobart.