Thursday, 12 December 2013

Auditions....that's what we do !

Being a freelance actor means you have to do auditions....there's no way round it.  It's just that being a freelance actor based in Tassie means auditions in Melbourne are a pain...logistically.
Up at 5am and on the red eye...or as I call it " the sparrow fart flight".  That's because it's cheaper.  Audition is usually around 1pm because "they want to give you time to get there" your wandering around Melbourne at 7am in the morning waiting for shops to open...looking like a homeless person carrying bags and instruments and drinking too much coffee and stressing and talking to yourself and singing to yourself...maybe having a little dance to yourself....then you finally decide to rock up at the audition hours early and you look like an over keen and desperate out of work actor.   So you joke around and pretend your not as nervous as a person about to have a vasectomy and try and suss out the opposition.  Finally they take pity on you...or they just want you out of the they let you audition early.  Awesome.   Now it's 12.05 and you don't fly home till 10.05 tonight...because it's cheaper.

Upside...the audition went really really back in February with more material to learn... and I got to spend a glorious afternoon with my daughter...before lounging around in PJ O'Brien's with a couple of pints of Guinness.   In fact no downside was a good day in freelance world.

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